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About TImm

Timm McVaigh has been a graphic designer since 1983, trained in traditional finished art for printing he has developed his skills through the life cycle of Desktop Publishing and Web Development eras.

He is grounded with creative and technical skills in all areas of graphic design, illustration and digital development. Timm has high level of management and marketing skills. He has developed his talents in a number of creative sectors such as Advertising, Publishing & Video production.


In his experience with firms like Ogilvy & Mather, Australian Consolidated Press, Applied Vision, Commercial Industrial Advertising (CIA), Chameleon Advertising and for the last 14 years his own firm Brand Ideas, Timm has developed brands and marketing material for a broad range of marketing sectors from industrial through to consumer and pharmaceutical.

He understands how to create a brand that reflects a personality and values he creates brands that connect deeply tell a story and resonate in the consumers mind.



As a creative director Timm has had over 25 years in advertising, marketing and promotional related fields. He has had the privilege of developing promotional advertising and brand material for some of the largest firms in the world. Companies such as American Express Proctor & Gamble, Coca-Cola South Pacific, EOI, Polaroid, Pfiser, Unilever and Liquorland.


His skills portfolio contains a range of gifts in design, typography, illustration and digital creation and retouching.
He is a skilled database and internet programmer and has a broad range of experience using a wide variety of the web's current toolset of content management systems programming languages and frameworks.
Timm brings a rational and focussed marketing driven edge to any project he tackles while giving fresh creative insight. Timm's abilities have in the past led him to work in the fields of video production and publishing as well as management roles which helps round out his experience and talents.


A Brand Philosophy

Great design makes a brand stand out in a crowd. By communicating ideas either abstract or concrete design persuades you to purchase or inspires you to go somewhere to act or simply trust. Whether whimsical sincere, solid, playful, secure, fleeting, transparent or interactive great design is a powerful brand tool.

"Effective design communicates a brand message; guides and influences our purchase decisions; differentiates one product from another; makes a brand memorable; It enhanses the consumer relationship; and can deeply make an emotional connection; I leverage that power in the brands I create."

Design is a starting block to the success of any new or developing startup. While the original idea and core functionality should be held true, there’s a growing demand for attractive services that offer a beautiful user experience with a purity of functionality - in a nutshell the design should be pleasing but it should also make the the user feel it work for them. This comes down to more than understanding what is an attractive aesthetic, it means understanding design is both form and function. It is the power of the unseen as much as the beauty of what is seen and experienced.


Social Media Guy

I’m just a guy who loves being active and creative in the social media landscape who has developed strong skills and understanding of how social media works and how to make it work powerfully.

In a nutshell.

I believe social media is built on relationship, a social voice and personality. To be effective in social media means you give more than you take. Listen more than you speak and you share more than you shout. YOU develop thought leadership to build relationship. These relationships create the most powerful key to social media which is AMPLIFICATION.

One Tweet to an active and engaged audience can be amplified into the millions. It can drive a campaign or create a conversation that can drive sales, build authority and captures that important audience "mind space”.

You are a more than a brand or business you become a trusted voice and a friend.

Social media begins with a conversation.

That is the nature and charm of being social. So, I am available for you to call me now on my mobile 0400236665 and we can start that conversation whether it be your social meda goals or marketing and branding services.

It would be great to speak with you to discover more about your business and activities.

You would get to know me better and together we can explore how social media will drive your team to develop it into a powerful social media presence and achieve your goals.

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